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But your thoughts can be impressively powerful and spiritual, so keep feeding that vast brain of yours. Spiritual, artistic, peace-loving, and friendly, those born on the Aquarius-Pisces cusp are highly original people. This is the cusp most likely to be labeled "offbeat" or "eccentric". You are highly intellectual, however, probably not so good with practical details and follow-through.

Your intuitive powers are very strong, and delving into spiritual matters and philosophical ideals is much more important to you than just managing the details of day-to- day life. Your ability to stick to your guns alongside your outgoing, charismatic attitude will have you turning heads, making moves, and doing important things in this lifetime.

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Seek opportunities that will allow you freedom and independence! What it means is that you are especially in-tune with the feelings, fears, hopes, and needs of everyone around you.

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The humanitarianism of Aquarius combines with the empathy of Pisces to help you -- or maybe force you -- to take compassion and understanding to new heights. Excuses will be accepted only if they can be backed up with logic and acceptable evidence.

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Do not seek to arouse Virgo bosses' sympathy or understanding, and keep your interactions as unemotional as possible. Virgo bosses highly value their time, as well as yours, so try not to waste it in idle banter. The Libra Boss September October 22 Strengths: popular, charismatic, likeable Weaknesses: conceited, needy, self-defeating Interactive Style: agreeable, charming, magnetic The only things Libra bosses value more than being liked by their employees is being well-liked by them.

This intense need for popularity often betrays them and can even undermine their efforts. Instead of keeping their eye on the ball and striving for positive results, too often they are interested in their own personal gratification. At times, their need for admiration seems boundless; those who know this are able to manipulate them through alternately giving and withholding praise. The struggle of Libra bosses to create successful companies is often against that most difficult of enemies -- themselves.

The Scorpio Boss October November 21 Strengths: well-directed, protective, powerful Weaknesses: inflexible, unforgiving, harsh Interactive Style: serious, hard-driving, dominant Scorpio bosses are serious individuals -- hard-driving and dedicated to the company's success. Consequently, they set extremely high standards for their employees and expect them to give the very best they have on a daily basis.

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Scorpios do not accept excuses for shoddy or slipshod work, preferring a frank admission of failure over attempts to explain it away. Powerful and dominant, Scorpio bosses sit in the driver's seat at all times and do not allow their colleagues and fellow workers to question or undermine their authority. When reporting to their superiors or business owners, they seek to protect their own employees from unreasonable demands and insist on adequate and often abundant reward for their workers' dedicated efforts.

The Sagittarius Boss November December 21 Strengths: intuitive, forceful, quick Weaknesses: uncommunicative, unclear, unsympathetic Interactive Style: independent, individualistic, impulsive Because of their high degree of independence and individualism, Sagittarius bosses are not always suited to this role.

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Sagittarians are prone to go off suddenly and often precipitously in their own direction under a full head of steam, so it may be difficult for their employees to keep up with them. Furthermore, they may not take the time to communicate their thoughts clearly to other members of the company, preferring to let their own actions speak for themselves. Not really team players, Sagittarius bosses assume command and then follow their hunches rather than carefully mapping out a campaign and relegating duties carefully. The Capricorn Boss December January 20 Strengths: dominant, determined, self-assured Weaknesses: insensitive, unheeding, stubborn Interactive Style: authoritarian, commanding, firm Capricorns are dominant personalities, and therefore bosses born under this sign will want to be obeyed without question.

Moreover, they will insist on maintaining their position as bosses of the department or company, and under no circumstances will they allow you or anyone else to undermine their authority.

Not necessarily hungry for advancement, Capricorn bosses are more likely to hang onto their rung on the corporate ladder having once reached and, in most cases, intending to remain at that level as long as possible. The Aquarius Boss January February 19 Strengths: quick, bright, open Weaknesses: impatient, erratic, elusive Interactive Style: immediate, unpredictable, ungovernable Since Aquarians are not particularly suited to be bosses, they are, generally speaking, rather few and far between. There are several reasons for this, among them their erratic and impulsive behavior, need to act on their own, lightning-quick moves, and general disinterest in holding power over others or setting up a dynasty.

That said, if you have an Aquarius boss, at least you have been forewarned. Actually, they are often fun to work with when you can catch up to them and treat their employees quite generously. Their impatience is legendary, so do not try their quick tempers or frustrate them with your absence or tardiness when they really need you in the clutch. You love to gossip, you are the source behind all the gossip that happens in the world. And if all this is not enough, you also are a fucking insecure, emotionally insufficient, sorry excuse for a human being.

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Incapable of taking a decision you are a two-faced prick. Shame on you! Cancer 22 June- 22 July : No one really wants to be with you.

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  • You really need help, you emotionally wrecked psycho. Oh, I am sorry, did I just offend you? Leo 24 July- 23 August : Yet another egotist in the house, yo! Well sorry to break the news to you this way but you are no lion, not even close. They bitch about you in parties, you vain loser. Do yourself a favour and get out of the make-believe world you are living in and face the fact, no one really likes you.

    Virgo 24 August- 24 September : Now what do I say about your dominating, dictatorial habits that give you a high no drug and no amount of sex ever can? Libra 24 September- 23 October : You give a rather tough competition to the Tauruses and the Geminis of the world. You are that crap. You think you are the centre of the universe, the sun rises for you and the moon shines for you. And in that hollow tin like chest of yours beats no heart. You are all stone.

    You make Meursault look like an emotionally sufficient human being. Because you say so many lies and know how to conceal them you know how to keep dark secrets. You resent everything. That kid who did not return your pencil and was found dead the very next week, we know that was you.