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This life you must learn to sit back and rest on your laurels for once.

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This is a face of petitions, requests and gain, tribute and denying justice. Struggling with the mentality of the victim, either in oneself or other. The Sun is not very strong here because this is a planet that wants to shine in a sign that would rather work behind the scenes. Mostly these natives identify very strongly with their work, but with that, there is the danger of if they lose their job that they feel like they do not exist.

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Their product has to be perfect and is very much a symbol of who they are, so it has to work! They work best-creating something tangible because they enjoy the actual physical labour of producing their wares. Instead, these folk will be the unsung heroes that do great healing work but are shy of having to stand on stage and receive any awards. Brady seems to have quite a negative view of the Sun here, but I think these natives will probably excel in working as the wounded healer.


This means that these folk can do very well helping addicts come out of self-pity and victim mentality by serving as a role model. Sun Virgo 2 work very well as sponsors in say a 12 step program or doing voluntary work after they have retired and have a comfortable pension to live off. Yes, these folk can cause suffering to others, but only if they are bitter in themselves because they are leading a life that is not gainfully employed.

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Those evolved types, aligned with their life-calling, will simply be too busy being productive and have no time for petty and resentful behaviour. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Search for:.

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Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Name Marina Will you share your big three? How would you describe yourself? Describe what you do. Traditional, fixed star astrologer who specialises in the zodiac decans.

Free Monthly Horoscope Forecast - Your Guide to the Month Ahead

Self taught since a teenager, but went full time professional in Are you typical of your sun-sign? With a stellium in Aquarius, yes, if you are using Saturn as the ruler. What attracted you to astrology and your particular area of interest? Originally because of an interest in psychology and Carl Jung. Later because of learning traditional astrology, visual astrology, horary astrology and becoming interested in the fixed stars.

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  • I learnt that astrology was embedded in Christianity and goes so much deeper than we could ever fathom. Mundane astrology.

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    The tropical zodiac, but to answer why would take a book. If you could travel back and experience any transit again, which would it be and why? It was life changing. Very much a catalyst transit. What is the most satisfying thing about being an astrologer? Never ending questions and research about the meaning of life.

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    Impossible to pick one song. Otherwise love synth pop, new wave, mod revival and two tone from to Charlie the Unicorn. Annoying rebellious like a typical sullen goth. Because it was made in the s and untainted by progressive programming.